Andrew Bulldog Puppies

Text or Call us: 001 - 240 - 224 - 0925

Steps to make your choice

Step One

Decide that you want a Bulldog puppy.


Step Two

Place a $300 deposit to get on the waiting list. These deposits are NON REFUNDABLE for any reason. The $500 is taken out of the price of the puppy, it is not an additional cost.


Step Three

When the puppies are 3-4 weeks old we will take individual pictures of the puppies. We go down the list to pick the puppies based on the date people have placed the deposits. (For example: Someone who has placed a deposit back in December of 2010 is higher on the list than someone who placed a deposit in June 2013) You will get to choose your top 3 choices of the puppies. You will get 12 hours to get back to us with your decision, we will contact you in any way possible. If the 12 hours have passed and you have not contacted us we will then skip over you and proceed down the waiting list.


Step Four

We will email you or call you with the puppy that you have chosen. You may then keep in contact with us to see how the puppy is growing up. We can show you updated pictures of the puppy, text you a 30 second video of the puppy, and even show you the puppy LIVE on Skype or FaceTime.

REMINDER - You do not have to pick from the current litter if you do not like the look of the puppies, you can always wait until the next litter is born and chose from the next litter.