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Health Guarantee

Our relationship with you doesn't end once you get your puppy home. As puppy lovers ourselves, we wish nothing would ever go wrong with any puppy. However, certain things are beyond our control. A puppy's health is dependent on a number of factors like genetics, exercise, food & nourishment, and overall care. While nobody can guarantee your puppy will never have a health problem, we can guarantee we will do our best to ensure your new family member is a healthy one!

It all starts with choosing who enters our network of breeders. We screen our breeders and only work with those who meet our high standards and agree to adhere to our policies. We then provide our selected breeders with a comprehensive health evaluation checklist that was created by a licensed veterinarian. Prior to ever shipping a puppy, each of our breeders is required to take this checklist to a licensed veterinarian for completion as part of a comprehensive health exam. Each breeder is also required to ensure your puppy is up-to-date with vaccinations and has been de-wormed. Finally, as an additional check and to activate your puppy’s Health Guarantee, we ask that you take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours after you receive your puppy, so we can be sure that your puppy is a happy, healthy one from the moment he or she arrives at your home.