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Crate Training

All of our customers ask us the same question "What type of crate do you recommend us buying for our new puppy?" We recommend you purchase the Midwest Puppy Playpen because it's completely different from all the other crates. Unlike the crates you would purchase at Petsmart or Walmart where the puppy would be sitting in its own feces. The Puppy Playpen has an adjustable raised floor which is ideal for training your puppy. The floor keeps the puppy elevated above the plastic easy to clean trays. .
If your puppy were to have an accident while you were away, he would not be sitting in his own feces until you returned. This crate can be used throughout the puppy's lifetime and its double-nickel chrome-plated finish will never rust. .
You will never have to buy another crate again. It has openings from the top and side for easy access to your puppy. You can put your puppy's bed, toys, food and water bowls in there too making it a nice den for your puppy